World Physiotherapy Day #WORLDPTDAY

It’s World Physiotherapy Day 2022 & we want to celebrate our staff & recognise the hard work that Super Clinic Physiotherapists do for our community!

Here at Super Clinic Physio, our accredited team always ensure your goals are at the fore font of your treatment. Throughout each consultation client care is our priority! Our Physiotherapists get to know our clients and their lifestyles, provide the knowledge and tools to improve client quality of life, personalise individual treatment plans & ensure we give our clients support to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Keep reading to find out what makes our Physiotherapists passionate about their profession!

Luke Eastwell | Oxenford Senior Physiotherapist
“My passion stemmed from an early age as physio’s guided me through my own injuries during physical and sporting development. I find it extremely rewarding guiding people through their injuries and improving human performance, working towards patient goals. As a physio, we often see clients at a bad point in their life, problem solving together to get them out of that slump is what it is all about for me.”

Chris Stack | Oxenford Physiotherapist
“I am passionate going to work each day as a Physio because I will have the chance to make a difference in others health and wellbeing. It’s always rewarding when people leave feeling better physically and/or mentally relieved knowing that someone cares about their health.”

Annabel White | Oxenford Physiotherapist
“I love being a physiotherapist for so many reasons. Every day, I learn more and have the opportunity to pass that knowledge onto others. As a physiotherapist you can have a direct impact on a person’s life and help them overcome personal obstacles that they thought were insurmountable. I enjoy seeing people gain confidence to move and enjoy life again. Seeing people leave after an appointment feeling inspired empowered that they can feel better, be healthier and stronger is very rewarding.”

Claudia Wharton | Hope Island Physiotherapist
“Physiotherapists can help people in so many ways, whether it is physically or mentally. We help to build confidence, motivate people to be more active and live a healthier life.  Seeing clients overcome obstacles that seemed impossible is what makes me passionate about physiotherapy.”

Luke Reynolds | Hope Island Physiotherapist
“I am passionate about unlocking potential. The best part of my job is when people realise their body is capable of so much more than they think. Whether it’s aiding someone to run a marathon, or allowing someone to bend down and pick something up from the floor – it gives me great joy in helping someone to achieve their goals.”

Recover, Restore, Retrain with the best team here at Super Clinic Physiotherapy!