Protecting Your Back On The Tools

Backed by your back

Whether you’re on the tools every day or not, we can all appreciate the physically demanding nature of being a ‘Tradie’; unlike other professions, tradies rely on their body.

There is constant heavy lifting, awkward positions and repetitive tasks that fill a normal day for any tradie. While tradies do uphold a general level of fitness, these work demands can place great strain on certain areas of the body, particularly the big movers, such as the back and hips.

This puts tradies at greater risk of developing underlying back problems, making tasks more difficult than they appear, and potentially even time away from the tools.

Protected by prevention

Whether you’re working at different heights and angles, working with larger tools, or even wearing a work belt around your waist, increased strain can be put on your back and can quickly change how you are moving on the job. It’s helpful to identify whether you are completing onsite tasks differently, and to act early when it comes to low back pain. Some symptoms to look out for with back injuries may be:

  • Localised Pain
  • Tenderness
  • Stiffness
  • Tingling, Numbness or Pins & Needles
  • Pain that travels to your parts of your leg

It is also handy to consider correct lifting technique, as a way of reducing susceptible and repetitive positions that easily trigger or worsen back pain. Taking that extra second to consider your position before twisting and lifting, can also minimise injury risk.

A Physio for the toolbox

No matter how big or small, trade professionals should never ‘dust off’ problems like they are part of the job, especially back pain. Without tradies realising, their hope of the pain or discomfort going away by itself, is actually worsening the problem they may have at hand. Longstanding injuries as such can lead to reduced strength and stability, complicating the daily lives of tradespeople by making tasks difficult and less comfortable.

Booking in for an initial assessment with a qualified physiotherapist, regardless of the timeline of the injury, can be the hammer that hits the nail on the head for your back pain. At Super Clinic Physio, our approach extends beyond merely addressing your symptoms and facilitating injury recovery. We like to not only assess and address your main concerns, but also engage in various treatment and rehabilitation options, including the prescription of individualised strength programs tailored to what your objectives and demands are.

We want to afford the ability to keep your body strong and mobile, develop techniques for lifting and twisting and keep you safe on the tools for a successful career.

Jordan Tedesco | Hope Island Physiotherapist